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I am Alexander. Since I was 8 years I have my own computer. I go to college - now again in Germany. But also for some time I attended the German European School of Singapore (GESS).

In Singapore, I live with my Chinese “Step” - family and lots of relatives... grandma’s , cousins, nephews , aunties....

In the GESS every student must have a laptop. The whole area of the school has wireless coverage. Our schoolwork is mostly done on the laptops. If we represent our homework or some special project to the class - we use POWERPOINT.

This are my co-students. In 2007 - the whole class travelled to India , Kerala province, and attended a social house-building project. We built quite simple brick houses with one room only and a corrugated sheet roof. But better than the huts made of cardboard and plastic tarp the families lived in before.

Another part of the class did some site-grading to built a basketball-field... at 45 deg C just with shovels and wheelbarrows - together with some local Indian day-laborers. This was quite a experience for us , as we grew up in countries where everything is available and children are “pampered” and protected all day long.